INTRODUCTION[edit | edit source]

Lord Pancake is one of the main antagonists in Grandpa Jack Comic. He later turns good due to unknown reasons. He is introduced in ISSUE 1 EPISODE 2


Description[edit | edit source]

Lord Pancake has thick black hair and large, black eyebrows. At the beginning of the series, he wears normal clothes but later on, he wears a red cloak with a yellow collar.

INVOLVEMENT AND STORY[edit | edit source]

The following is in chronological order and only applies to Grandpa Jack Comic

Author's Note: Instead of writing "_____ not present" I will simply only include issues that this character was present for. I will do this for all articles written after Jan 27, 2016

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 2: Lord Pancake buys scrap metal from Marshmallow Man's Mechanics Mart. He builds a battle robot

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 4: Lord Pancake breaks into the HQ and tries to kill Marshmallow Man

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 6: Lord Pancake attacks the HQ again

ISSUE 1 EPIOSDE 7: Lord Pancake fights Bob then kidnaps him.

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 2: Lord Pancake is killed by I.B. but is then revived and given magic powers by Bob (In disguise)

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 3: Lord Pancake attacks the HQ and shoots a magic spell at I.B.

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 4: Lord Pancake is thrown through a panel and bashes his head onto the border of another panel.

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 5: Lord Pancake kills I.B. (This was a dream had by Marshmallow Man. In real life, he teleports away.)

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 3: Lord Pancake is burned alive by I.B.

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 4: Lord Pancake puts on a mask and throws I.B. and Marshmallow Man into a portal

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 6: Lord Pancake is shot (during I.B.'s hallucination)

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 7: Bob (in disguise) tells Lord Pancake that he wont revive him (during I.B.'s hallucination)

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 8: Lord Pancake welcomes I.B. and Marshmallow Man to his arena

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 10: Lord Pancake heals himself and gets a knife out of his drawer

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 11: Lord Pancake kills Bob and gets trapped in the Demon World for a year (Only about one minute in normal world time)

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 12: Lord Pancake takes I.B. and Marshmallow Man to the Demon World.

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 1: Lord Pancake helps the group escape from the Demon World

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 2: Lord Pancake and the group encounter the Demon Lord

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 3: Lord Pancake helps fight the Demon Lord

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 4: Lord Pancake wakes up on Cargo Ship 34652

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 5: Lord Pancake heals Gregg

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 6: Lord Pancake kills Dmitri

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 1: Lord Pancake kills Dmitri again

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 2: Lord Pancake fights and chases Bob

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 3: Lord Pancake attends Bob's funeral

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 5: Lord Pancake is shot by helicopter bullets

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 7: Lord Pancake is healed and tries to bring Double M back to life

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 8: Lord Pancake gets ready to attack the Marshmallow Man robot

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 9: Lord Pancake blows up the helicopter and is shot and killed

Trivia[edit | edit source]

• Lord Pancake is the antagonist from a comic series I did many years ago

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