Gregg is a sailor on Cargo Ship 34652. He was introduced in ISSUE 4 EPISODE 4

Lifespan: ISSUE 4 EPISODE 4 -


Gregg wears a baseball hat and wears a uniform from Cargo Ship 34652. He is of a higher rank on the ship, therefor he has a different uniform.


ISSUE 4 EPISODE 4: Gregg asks I.B. and Double M to help him fight off pirates.

iSSUE 4 EPISODE 5: Gregg is shot by Dmitri

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 6: Gregg is healed and they see Dmitri dressed as the Demon Lord

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 1: Gregg gets ready to take on the Demon Lord

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 2: Gregg sees Bob in the Demon World

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 3: Gregg attends Bob's funeral

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 7: Gregg shows I.B. Lord Pancakes body so he can heal him

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 8: Gregg kills the Marshmallow Man robot

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 9: Gregg witnesses Double M and Lord Pancake get killed

ISSUE 5 EPISODE 10: Gregg and I.B. leave the destroyed HQ


The following is in chronological order and applies only to GJ COMIC Z

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 1: Gregg kills the man who was trying to attack them.

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 2: Gregg kills one of Sarah's men. Gregg and I.B. leave for Sarah's village

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 3: Gregg hands over their weapons and he sees the the watchman shoot someone

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 4: Gregg is given a new gun and helps defend the city

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 5: Gregg kills one of the traitors

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 9: Gregg sees Sarah without her mask on and helps fight off the zombie horde

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 10: Gregg appears in I.B.'s hallucination

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 11: Gregg has to put down the captain after he is bitten

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 12: Gregg comes to the brother's hideout with Sarah

ISSUE 1 EPISODE 13: Gregg witnesses the final brother be killed by Sarah

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 1: Gregg ducks away into the brother's hideout to avoid the shockwave

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 2: Gregg recognizes the Super Soldier as the cyclops

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 3: Gregg tells Sarah to get down to avoid the flashbang

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 8: Gregg sees I.B. again at the military base

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 9: Gregg goes to the safe house with I.B. and Sarah and they are shot down by Bob

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 10: Gregg's arm is pinned down by a piece of helicopter and his arm is cut off

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 11-13: The art style is changed by an evil robot

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 14: Gregg kills the robot and shows up at the safe house

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 15: Gregg is kicked into the arena

ISSUE 2 EPISODE 16: Gregg is splattered with zombie blood and sees Bob on the screen

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 1: Gregg is stabbed but is healed by I.B.

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 3: Gregg is shocked by I.B.'s new power

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 6: Gregg points out Bob's ship

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 12: Gregg's arm is healed by I.B.

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 13: Gregg announces I.B.'s death

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 14: Gregg and Sarah bury I.B.

ISSUE 3 EPISODE 15: Gregg's neck is snapped by I.B.

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 1: Gregg is brought back to life by Double M

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 2-3: Gregg recaps the story so far

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 5: Gregg learns about the anti-demon crystal

ISSUE 4 EPISODE 6: Gregg wakes up in the alternate dimension

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